About ITMA

groupimageWhat is ITMA?

ITMA is the world’s largest international textile and garment technology exhibition, and the ITMA brand is owned by CEMATEX. ITMA is recognised as the ‘Olympics’ of the textile and garment technology industry – a showcase of the latest technology and a vital meeting place for buyers and sellers from all over the world.

The role of ITMA

  • To provide a leading-edge platform for the world’s textile and garment industry to market and source efficient and sustainable solutions, share knowledge and network
  • To promote and strengthen the textile machinery industry of CEMATEX member associations
  • To offer a reasonable cycle of exhibitions not only in the interest of technology providers but also to the benefit of their customers
  • To encompass the whole range of textile and garment machinery and associated technologies, thereby creating the world’s most comprehensive end-to-end manufacturing solutions exhibition

Thanks to its unique features, ITMA has maintained its strong reputation as a world class_MG_3748_a
trade exhibition that is well participated by all the industry leading brands.

  • Exhibits are grouped into sectors to facilitate buyers’ ease of visit
  • Live demonstrations of machinery on display
  • Only original manufacturers are allowed to exhibit
  • No second hand machines or agents

ITMA Exhibitions

hallimageThe first ITMA exhibition was launched by CEMATEX in 1951. It has taken place in various European cities with great success every four years since its launch.

ITMA 1951 Lille
ITMA 1955 Brussels
ITMA 1959 Milan
ITMA 1963 Hannover
ITMA 1967 Basle
ITMA 1971 Paris
ITMA 1975 Milan
ITMA 1979 Hannover
ITMA 1983 Milan
ITMA 1987 Paris
ITMA 1991 Hannover
ITMA 1995 Milan
ITMA 1999 Paris
ITMA 2003 Birmingham
ITMA 2007 Munich
ITMA 2011 Barcelona
ITMA 2015 Milan
ITMA 2019 Barcelona

In recent years, each ITMA exhibition has covered around 200,000 square metres of gross exhibition space and has attracted more than 1,500 exhibitors from around the world. Each show welcomes a visitorship of over 100,000. Hence, it is always the most highly anticipated textile and garment technology exhibition in the world.

The last ITMA was held in Milan, Italy, in November 2015._MG_2841b

  • 1,700 exhibitors from 46 economies
  • 123,000 visitorship from 147 economies
  • 108,300 square metres of net exhibition space

The next ITMA will take place in Barcelona, Spain, from 20 – 26 June 2019. For more information, visit www.itma.com.

ITMA ASIA Exhibitions

The dynamic textile and garment industry has witnessed multiple shifts throughout its history. With Asia’s reputation as the largest producer of textiles and garments, a landmark decision was made by CEMATEX in 1999 to launch an Asian version of ITMA.

As a significant percentage of CEMATEX association members’ buyers are based in Asia, ITMA ASIA caters to the growing needs of Asian textile manufacturers. In 2001 the first ITMA ASIA was held in Singapore, followed four years later by ITMA ASIA 2005, also in Singapore.


ITMA 2011

In response to market demands, in 2008 CEMATEX held a combined show in Shanghai, China – ITMA ASIA + CITME – in collaboration with three Chinese partners, CTMA, CCPITTEX and CIEC. Since then, the combined show has been held biennially in Shanghai.

ITMA ASIA 2001 Singapore
ITMA ASIA 2005 Singapore
ITMA ASIA + CITME 2008 Shanghai
ITMA ASIA + CITME 2010 Shanghai
ITMA ASIA + CITME 2012 Shanghai
ITMA ASIA + CITME 2014 Shanghai
ITMA ASIA + CITME 2016 Shanghai
ITMA ASIA + CITME 2018 Shanghai

The sixth combined show was held in Shanghai in October 2018.

  • 1,733 exhibitors from 28 economies
  • over 100,000 visitorship from 116 economies;
  • over 95,000 square metres of net exhibition space

The next ITMA ASIA + CITME will take place at the new National Exhibition and Convention Centre (NECC) in Shanghai in October 2020 (dates to be confirmed). For more information, visit www.itmaasia.com